Web Development

Experience in coding using HTML and CSS with some jQuery and PHP for the creation of dynamic and interactive websites, and also experience of using the Twitter Bootstrap framework to produce mobile-first, responsive websites, and Git to track changes throughout a project’s history. This website as an example was produced using the Bootstrap framework with some jQuery to manage the animations and PHP was used in the functionality of the contact form.

MChem Chemistry Degree

I began studying for my MChem Chemistry degree at the University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich in September 2011 and completed it in 2015. During my degree I conducted a Master’s level year-long research project as part of the Fielden Group in the Energy & Materials Lab at UEA. My research was focussed on enhancing the nonlinear optical properties of polyoxometalate-based chromophores. This involved synthesising unique hexamolybdate polyoxometalate (POM) chromophores in order to test their optical properties for use in all-optical computing devices. Other experiences from my degree programme are shown below:

Analytical Techniques

  • Experience conducting silica column chromatography throughout final year MChem research
  • Experience using NMR, cyclic voltammetry, spectro-electrochemistry and mass spectrometry throughout final year MChem research
  • Also experienced in HPLC, IR spectroscopy, EPR and circular dichroism

Laboratory Experience

  • Synthesised novel polyoxometalate-based chromophores during final year MChem research project. Included synthesis of new organic ligands and coupling of ligands with polyoxometalate
  • Organic, inorganic and physical chemistry lab projects every year throughout degree programme


  • Master’s level biochemistry module covering aspects such as; haemoglobin structure and activity, photosynthetic processes, DNA structure, DNA regulatory proteins and drugs

Numerical Skills

  • Achieved 83% in a third year core module exam focussing on Physical Chemistry, the majority of which was advanced mathematics
  • Acheived other high grades in exams such as; Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Structure and Energy Levels and Chemical Physics laboratory reports

Computational Chemistry

  • Experience using MatLab and Gaussian
  • Knowledge of different computational techniques such as; Molecular Dynamics, Classical Molecular Mechanics and Mixed Quantum/Classical approaches

Organic Chemistry

  • Modules covering core elements and mechanisms of Organic Chemsitry throughout degree programme
  • Experience of synthesising new organic ligands during final year MChem Research Project using various techniques, e.g. Sonogashira Coupling